Gate Opener Repairs


Over the course of a year, a gate opener will do hundreds, if not thousands of cycles per year. This number becomes even higher if you have multiple cars that use the gate. It’s not uncommon to see gate openers doing anywhere between 2000-4000 cycles per year in most two car households.

When a gate opener stops working it can be quite a hassle. It can not only cause access issues such as getting your car in or out of the house but also security issues. Some peoples’ insurance policies may only be valid if the premises is secure by the gate.

We understand that when these issues arise, you need help fast. This is why we offer emergency call outs around the clock to assist in getting your gate back up and running as quickly as possible.

If the repair isn’t as urgent, we can also schedule you in for a day and time that best suits you. We give you a time frame that we will attend site and a courtesy call half an hour prior so you can go about your day as usual until you have to meet us on site.

Our team has decades of experience and knowledge that they use every day to get the best results for our clients and it is for this reason that we are recognized as one of Melbourne’s best repair companies.

As well as doing gate opener repairs we also do services such as

  • Remote coding
  • E beam installations
  • Gate hardware repairs
  • Control board replacements
  • Motor replacements
  • Routine Servicing

If you’re in need of a bit of work done on your gates or gate openers, feel free to give our office a call and speak to one of our friendly staff.

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What Others Say

by: cbcc4bb6

"Impressed with how quickly our faulty garage door was dealt with. From making the initial call (Rom) to the door motor being replaced (Bill and Travis). Good work."

by: joem120

"It’s great dealing with a professional company that knows what they’re talking about & then having the service people that can actually work out what the problem is with you garage door... Wouldn’t have any hesitation using you guys again
Cheers joe"

by: Rebeccat211

"We called AGG Doors on Friday morning to attend to an urgent garage door that was rammed by a vehicle and not working for a commercial/residential garage. They came out that day by 1pm and stayed for a few hours until they finished the repair. The invoice was priced appropriately and owners are very happy with their work. We would highly recommend AGG Doors."

by: janek992

"An excellent chap replaced the cable on my door quick and efficiently. He also offered info how to maintain the hardware gong forward. A great experience
Approximate cost: $290."