Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Do Same Day Service?

We do make ourselves available for emergency jobs for customers that are caught in a bad situation. In general we do manage to make the majority of these jobs, however we do occasionally experience a high volume of emergency calls on the same day and may not be able to attend. In this case we are happy to give recommendations on who may be able to assist.

Can You Make My Gate Close Automatically?

Provided that your gate opener is fitted with this function, we can certainly activate the auto-close option. As a general rule, we will only activate this option if you have Photo-Electric Sensors fitted to the gate opener. These sensors prevent the gates closing on obstructions and can potentially save your cars, pets and children from being hit.

What Happens in the Event My Gate or Motor can’t be Repaired?

In the event that your gate or opener is no longer repairable, our team can quote you on replacement gates and openers to suit your needs and budget.

What Methods of Payment Do you Accept?

We accept both Visa and Mastercard as well as check, cash and eftpos. We do also accept direct funds transfers, however this payment has to be made prior to our departure from your site and a receipt number provided.

Can you Make our Remotes Operate our Garage Door and Gate Together?

If your gate and garage door motors are made by the same brand and run on the same frequency, we can code the remotes to suit both devices. If they are not however, we can offer a receiver upgrade kit which will allow you to operate both devices on the same remote. If this is something you’re interested in, give us a call to discuss it further.

Can You do Free Quotes for a Gate Opener?

We do not provide free on site quotations for gate openers, however if you provide us with some photos of your gates we can give you a pretty accurate idea on what it may cost to automate.