Wheel Replacements Old

Regardless of whether your sliding gate is automatic or manual, the type of wheel and the condition of it are instrumental to the overall quality of operation.

If your gate wheels are unsuited for the gate in either size or weight rating, you may find that your gate is extremely hard to open in manual and automatic operation may be sluggish. Although uncommon, we have found the wrong type of wheels installed on a gate which causes it to have ongoing issues. The other thing that we see is people who have clad their gate and not accounted for the change in weight, this can cause the motor to wear a lot quicker as it has to work harder to move the gate.

The wheels of a gate should also be regularly lubricated to make sure the bearings are free and it always helps to keep the track it runs along clean. This helps get the most out of the lifespan of the wheels. Generally you can start to tell that the wheels are wearing when the gate becomes harder to push, and gets stuck in particular points of opening. If your gate is automated it is more crucial to replace your wheels as soon as you notice these signs, otherwise you risk the motor gears stripping or the motor assembly wearing out.